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Coupon and Discount Policy

Coupon Policy

All coupons can be applied to any fare rate including seniors, children and Florida residents. The coupon code is simply entered into your cart at checkout or shared over the phone and then deducted from the total booking. Limitations: Only one coupon can be used per booking and cannot be combined with any other offer including group discounts. However, we will always honor the lowest price based on the discount or coupon that may relate to your booking. For example, in some cases a group discount may offer the best rate and in other cases a coupon may do so. We will be sure to offer you the best rate available and help you understand your options.

Group Discount Policy

Our group discount rates are calculated off of full adult and child fares. We do not figure this discount off of Florida resident and Senior rates since those rates are already deeply discounted. In most cases the group discount will offer lower rates than a group that has a mixture of standard adults, seniors and children. In other cases the rate is lowest when there are a number of seniors and Florida residents. We will always honor the lowest price for your group, whether that is the combined discounted senior and Florida resident rates or the group discount rate.  You cannot combine a group discount with a coupon code. However, coupons can be used in combination with senior and Florida resident rates so they may offer the best rate depending on the types of fares that apply to your booking.

General Note about our pricing

All of our rates are very affordable! We designed our pricing this way  to ensure that just about anyone would be able to afford  our excursions and enjoy a wonderful time with their friends and family. However,  the state of Florida requires that all businesses like ours charge sales tax which will be added to all the listed prices of all of our tours. The current sales tax rate in Polk County Florida is 7%.


Also, our booking merchant charges a  .06% convenience fee on the total booking price. We do not receive any of this fee as it is charged directly by the booking merchant which provides the convenience and security of booking online with a credit card. This fee is NOT charged when making reservations over the phone directly with one of our agents! To avoid this fee you can call to book!

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